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La’Vinnia Holliday, the swimwear artisan, is the creative force behind Camille Anthony SWIM and a boundless source of inspiration and enthusiasm. Camille Anthony offers a breath of fresh air for the refined woman who desires to celebrate her skin's beauty while staying true to her unique self-expression. Recognizing the limitations imposed on women's fashion, Camille Anthony fearlessly explores uncharted territories of design innovation and fashion possibilities, catering to the discerning taste of individual style mavens.


In the realm of fashion, a true statement is one that boldly reflects the individuality of the wearer, transcending the opinions of onlookers. Camille Anthony is a brand that fearlessly makes such a statement.


A Word from our Founder

“I am revolutionizing the poolside experience by infusing it with power, sexiness, class, and allure. I am on a mission to bring joy to the process of selecting swimwear, eliminating fear and apprehension. Through my unique, one-of-a-kind resort-style fashions, I am creating wearable art that transcends boundaries. And I am accomplishing this, one collection, one season at a time!” - L.Holliday

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